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About Us



Varun Khanna, the founder of Banyan Art Gallery. Born and brought up in West Bengal - Kolkata, he has always been exposed to art and culture.


He has always been so passionate about art  & has wanted to provide a forum to the young & talented artists through various shows & exhibitions, thereby, giving them the confidence and visibility needed.

He hopes to bring the best of contemporary Indian art to all the art lovers and is keen to take it to a global platform.


Natasha Khanna, the co-founder of

Banyan Art Gallery, has the mission to bridge the gap between the artists and the art lovers & is constantly trying to find a fresh perspective on the vibrant art scene that India has to offer. 


With every art the client purchases, a certain amount is contributed to

“Ek Vachan” (a charitable organization run in Ludhiana) taking the Gallery

to a level of reaching out to society.



Banyan Art Gallery was established in 2014 with a passion to pioneer Indian art as a conduit of cultural celebration. Banyan Art Gallery has an unparalleled selection of paintings, sculptures,ceramics 

of senior artists and young talents from around the country and abroad. We create, curate and commission paintings as per requirements of spaces and prices.

We strive to bridge the gap between the buyer and the artist by understanding our customer’s requirements, their emotions and the mood they want to create in their spaces by customizing our services accordingly.


Our aim is to provide a reliable and seamless experience throughout the art commissioning process and we focus on authenticity and quality of the artworks. Buying art is a beautiful journey and we want to enhance our clients experience by adding the personal touch and making it meaningful.

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